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The Story

She was beautiful, Lilittis, like her sister, Ais, but with claws of a lion, and when she landed on the pier of Poseidonia, she was dragged away–they bound her with silk-cords, with interwoven with gold lace. She was bound so tight, a bear could not have broken lose. Then once brought down in the to dungeons of Poseidonia, the two solders gave her to the several Broken Winged Demon, the special guards of Agaliarept (Henchman of Hell), in fear there would be pity given her, and that of course is not conducive for a demon, lest he lose his reputation, and Hell would not be happy with a guardian angel, in the form of a demon.

These demonic creatures lifted her up, and threw her into a cell, she emerged into frenzy.

(During her four days of captivity, she had learned something about these demons, these so called broken winged demon, called for that because they looked like they citadel colors had one wing lopsided, as it extended out of the sides of their upper backs. They were long and thin brutes, shoulders heavy though, hairy, doubled winged, a face similar to humans, of a peculiar gray bluish color, they seemed to have a lack of intelligence, more on the order of stupid but vicious. The one female demon among them was a tinge more prepossessing than the men, with her lustful ways, night and day the cruelness came out of them, obsessing for fun and sex. She was becoming mad with these constant torments.)

She was Ais’ sister, whom was the Queen of Atlantis, but it didn’t matter to Agaliarept (the capture of her was a daring part, which was a high for him, amongst other reasons), she was similar looking to her sister, beautiful, and if he could not have Ais (whom he’d try later to get) he’d take her sister, and share her with his special royal guards, and he was doing just that (you must realize Ais was not aware of this happening at the time, it was a surprise visit, and when Agaliarept found out she was on the dock looking for anyone with access to the royal family, to inform them she was here, he took advantage of it).

Her cell was of stone walls, mucky ground under her feet. Thus, it was a hideous four days. During one of those days, Agay, a broken winged demon, wanted Ais’s sister, and opened the door, and with her lion like claws, she scared Agay badly on his face, neck and arms, the other demonic winged creatures with their fiendish agility and superior strength, swooped her back into her cell, that is when they decided to decapitate her.

It did come to pass, the king and queen heard Lilittis was in the port city, but where? Hence, they sent out a hundred soldiers to look for her, high and low, but never did they think she would be in the dungeons of Poseidonia, right under their noses.

On the evening of the forth day, Ais was looking out her window, the night looked cruel somehow, Ais thought she saw something, things, beings of some sort, flying into the moon’s light, she leaned over her window sill to get a closer look. They seemed to be sweeping back and forth, as if they knew Ais was looking. At the same time, Agaliarept was looking out another window at the several winged demon, and saw the profile of Ais. These departing victors, creatures of the night, were tossing back and forth a head, actually fighting over it, Ais seemed to fall into a daze trying to focus on them, and somehow her faculties adjusted themselves sufficiently to recognize these geese like shadows flying into the light of the moon, they were demonic creatures, she told herself, and they had her sister’s head.

Lilittis, in a way was waiting for death, she knew she was going mad, for those four days were inconceivably long, but if anything tormented her, it was dying alone.

Death of a Goddess in Allodium


Written from the Poetic works of D.L. Siluk, “The Atlantean Poems,” from the book “The Macabre Poems….” (2004)); rewritten in prose (story form): 6-24-2007))

On the island of Atlantis, nine hundred miles off the European Western Coast line, in the seaport Poseidonia, there is where the King of Atlantis lived in his palace, in the year, 16,501 BC.

Here two lovers grew together, would be separated, and rediscover their long lost love; in years to follow, the Minstrel Ampara, would be the name of a great river in Atlantis, and many a poet would write lyrics of him and his love, whom many a child would take her name, of Lailis. During this romance there would be a hymn made for the Maiden from Noom (Atlantis) of Ar-Tho-Then (brother and sister).

It was proclaimed in time past, Lailis to be a goddess, and she and her lover ran off together to the far shores of the sea that surrounded Atlantis, to Allodium. And here at the seaport at the infamous fountain called Ddath, they drank from its waters, and died. And so we see she of course was not a goddess per se, for can death take such a renowned individual. No, she was simple the first woman to capture the hearts and minds of Atlantis to the depths of her soul, whom carried the name Lailis, for there would be others.

But where did she come from, this lovely creature of Atlantis? It was not from the Great Citadel of Poseidon, that is where rests the Queen Litttis (15001 BC), who battled two personalities. Nor was it in the heartland of Atlantis, where Xilvaa’s the shepherdess came from and married her lover (in 13,500 BC), near the Eiphlox Mountains, where the mountain vale called Quloyx resides. Here is where the suns rays base the meadows, and the sky has severed shades of blue. Here is where the King’s son was named Lailliquis, worthy of Xilvaa.

It was in the north, where there is endless twilight, countless fantasies told of the winter’s snows (Noom), where lad and lass and unicorn play in the ice and snow, with autumn leaves still swooped about the ground; orange, red and gold.

And for her lover the same of course, but the king once he knew of him and his heart, sent him to the Southern part of Atlantis, where there were marble along the shores, and a tropical glow from the sun was always present, and a breeze to cool the skin lavished the atmosphere, which helped those off shore sailing. Here gigantic flowers are everywhere, deep in the southern Archkingdom, and thus, the King felt his contender would be content.


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