HD Action Camera Comparison – Drift HD Vs CamOne Infinity 1080p

An increasing number of action sports enthusiasts across the world are using action cameras to record their extra-curricular activities. From newbies, to professionals, action cameras are a must-have accessory for anyone wanting to relive rides, showcase skills or improve technique.

The speedy evolution of the HD (high definition) action camera means that even some of the smallest models are capable of capturing full 1080p footage. Better still, the vast majority of cameras, where to sell a gopro while small and light, still boast a great range of features, a healthy battery life and a modest price tag.

If you’re looking to purchase an action camera, you may wish to consider one of the following, both of which will give you change from £230.

Drift HD

The Drift HD has established itself as one of the biggest players in the action camera world, and it’s not hard to see why. To look at, the Drift is small, sleek and effortlessly cool. The built in viewfinder is extremely useful for lining up shots or playing back footage whilst on the road, and big, easy to operate buttons make navigation a breeze. The Drift’s 170 degree lens is great for capturing wide-angle shots, and can even be rotated to compensate for the positioning of the camera.

Take a closer look at what the Drift packs on the inside, and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about; full 1080p recording results in crystal clear footage, and 9 MP (megapixel) still image capabilities make it a great alternative to a regular point and shoot camera. For those into video editing, the Drift also allows you to shoot at 60fps (frames per second) at 720p.

Remarkably, all of these features are packed into a product which weighs less than an iPhone, can be mounted virtually anywhere, and has a battery life of 2.5 hours.

CamOne Infinity 1080p

Like the Drift, the CamOne is a great all-round action camera; it’s small, hard wearing and packs an array of mouth-watering features. It has a handy integrated LCD screen and six buttons for maximum control. The CamOne also boasts full HD 1080p recording and possesses a 5 MP sensor for capturing still photos or time-lapse footage.

Perhaps the CamOne’s biggest selling point is it offers interchangeable lenses – the first action camera to do so. Additionally, it has two separate Micro SD Card ports, each of which will take a 32GB (gigabyte) card.

There’s very little to separate these two cameras when it comes to technical ability, as both are light, small, and offer pin-sharp 1080p footage. However, if still images are an important feature to you, then the Drift HD

would be a better option. In terms of physical attributes, the Drift is long and sleek, while the CamOne is short and boxy. While these different shapes will suit some sports better than others, ultimately a decision should come down to personal preference, and a consideration about where on your body or kit the camera will be mounted.

Arguably, the Drift has a slight edge over the CamOne in terms of overall performance, but this is reflected in its price tag of £229.99. The CamOne comes in at £209.99, which is a great price for such an innovative little camera.


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