Hoodie Styling

The “hoodie” is a popular piece of clothing that is often worn by fashionable teens and young adults, and often sports an icon or message that is well-known in the current circles of fads. A thick sweatshirt that features an attached hood and a sideways-mounted pouch on the front, it is a piece of comfortable clothing that is handy for many uses and situations.

In cold weather, the hoodie can be worn over clothes as an extra layer, and in certain cases may be worn simply with an undershirt as the outer garment itself. It it common to see the zipper hoodies for men worn with the hood portion slouched back most of the time; the hood is used more as a fashion statement than as an actual protective hood. However, if the weather turns inclement or the temperature drops, this hood can certainly come in handy to prevent the wearer from getting damp or chilly.

Hoodies can feature many different insignias or logos, such as favorite sports teams or music artists, which will make their appearance as a screen printed image or a fancy sewn-on patch. The center “pouch” is used to store items the wearer needs to access frequently, such as a cell phone or a pack of cigarettes. The wearer will often keep his or her hands in the pouch as well, keeping them warm in the colder months by covering them.

Most people who wear hoodies as part of their personal clothing style will wear them with the zipper all the way up, and it is not unusual to see them being pulled off and on, as a t-shirt might, because the zipper is seldom undone. These hoodie lovers will have one favorite, more often than not, that will swiftly become their favorite, becoming their social trademark and style.

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